Janet Ashfield's Mpowerme - Health and Spirituality



I do not offer advice on health issues or offer to cure. But I do look at life holistically and support clients to consider the ways that our health can be affected, by the food we eat, the environment, our emotions, past issues and what we can all do to support our overall health and wellbeing.


I work with a variety of alternative health practitioners such as reflexologists, kinesiologists, specialists in Chinese medicine, homeopaths, along with an understanding of the value of exercise such as yoga.


I am great advocate of meditation and love supporting people to find this quiet space within this sometimes chaotic nonstop world we live within, where people are often unable to give themselves quality time.



Some people have specific religious beliefs that they would naturally discuss as part of their lifestyle and choices. They may be very spiritually aware and others may just be feeling that they want to explore what the meaning of life is about. I offer clients the opportunity to discuss whatever aspects of spirituality they wish, if any.