Anything is possible when you actually know what it is you want.

But how many of us really know what we want or have the courage to take the LEAP to find out?


For Business and Communities

We all have moments when we think – is this it?

Does it feel like you are on a conveyor belt and have no idea how to get off? Would you like the opportunity to take stock of your life and plan for the future and make some lasting changes? 

Well now you can...


Mpowerme - 'LEAP' Personal Development Course

Take a moment to think.


Do you:


  • Want to truly find yourself?

  • Feel stressed and pressured and unable to break free?

  • Experience lack of confidence and belief in yourself?

  • Wish there were more hours in the day at work and home?

  • Want to advance in your career but are not quite sure how?

  • Feel unhappy or weighed down by issues in your life?

  • Feel afraid of change and wish things could just stay as they are?


If so, LEAP can help you:


LEAP has been specifically designed to empower people to move forward in their lives. Through the programme there is an opportunity to:

  • Understand what truly motivates and inspires you.

  • Recognise the signs of stress and pressure and learn how to handle them.

  • Experience mindfulness and meditation as a relaxation tool.

  • Identify your strengths and how you can capitalise on them.

  • Create time by learning how to manage priorities and make changes.

  • Communicate more effectively.

  • Create a vision of your ideal life – and LIVE it!!

  • Plan for really living!

This course has been developed for a broad range of people. Whatever your situation, if you need to focus on you, then LEAP is for you!


The programme uses a variety of techniques to ensure that it is effective for everybody. Not only will you leave with a detailed action plan for a bright future and a clearer understanding of how you can move forward, you will have also built friendships with likeminded people. You will realise that you are not alone with your concerns and that many others share the challenges and issues that you have. 

LEAP can help give you back your self-esteem, build up your confidence in your own abilities and reassure you that anything is possible when you actually know what it is you want. 


By the end of the course you will know where you want to go and how you will get there. Taking steps forward in your personal life whatever your circumstances will be much easier too, with a clear plan of action and a vision for your future.


This course has a menu of options which to date has been delivered in organisation or off-site over 3 days across 3 weeks, or through several modules lasting 4 hours over 8 weeks.

Please make contact if:

You would like to discuss your requirements based on the current need for online delivery that would be required using on Skype or Zoom.

Or if you would like to discuss the delivery of face to face session/s when the lookdown situation allows this.

There is also the option to have online or face to face follow maintenance sessions if required.​

See the benefits in the LEAP leaflets:

A LEAP Forward for You

A LEAP Forward for the Organisation

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