Compassionately Supporting Mental Health

As an Empowerment Coach before Covid arrived, I was generally seen as someone you went to when you wanted to improve your life, relationships, career, personal development and day-to-day life. Or maybe for some, a deeper dive into transformational life changes focusing on who they are and their desires for what they want to become. However, now with the impact of Covid we are in a very different time, with more people experiencing, major worries, fears, anxieties, depression and loneliness.

As a coach on a recent webinar for ongoing development, we discussed how many clients, once they have gained trust with their coach, are now telling their coach truly how they feel.

What is clear is that in my compassionate, empathic, non-judgemental time with clients I can offer support in these very difficult times. I would not replace the need for you to see your GP or a counsellor etc. I can support clients to decide what decisions they need to make, who they might like to talk to and what support they need or want and be there to help them on this journey.

The NHS Mental Health and Counselling Services have many more requests due to the stresses caused by Covid. In this waiting period for you, as a coach, together we may concentrate on a couple of clear actions to help you keep a focus on your priorities at this time.

We might also look at some relaxation techniques, or put a support network in place...

As you talk and I listen, together we can find out what your needs are and together we can take small steps forwards at your pace.

To take the first step forward, please send me an email at and then we can set-up an introductory 30 minute (free) zoom session, to meet and see what support I can offer you.

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