Janet Ashford's Mpowerme - Testimonials


After going back to employment in the corporate world for a few years, Mpowerme is now back to help organisations, businesses, individuals and local communities.


The testimonials below show the value of what was achieved by Mpowerme previously. 


"We know first-hand that Janet’s input really has powered some of our students into the successful creation of sustainable businesses.Janet’s unique style and motivational techniques have helped each one of them to identify their own personalities, skills and motivations; and shown our young entrepreneurs how they can tap into these when aiming for commercial success. 

As a valued training supplier we would not hesitate to recommend her motivational services...."
Stephen Brown, Enterprise Projects Manager, Southampton Solent University

"The discussions during the staff training day identified strengths and weaknesses within the organisation’s structure and management processes, and the information gathered was extremely valuable. This information has now been collated and is supporting the re-structuring and organisational development currently taking place".
Jane E Smith, Director of Projects, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Youth Options

"Janet undertook a project with City College to work on esteem and efficacy issues with young female students who were in danger of leaving their programmes of learning. She was very well prepared, engaged successfully with the students and provided useful recommendations".
Martin Simmons, Director of Curriculum, City College Southampton

"Downland have used Mpowerme for a new staff team who joined the organisation on a Tupe transfer. 

‘The work that Janet from Mpowerme has done with this team has enabled an external viewpoint to be considered by staff and enabled them to reflect on services delivered, their own motivation, and how they would move forward with their new employees. The work has been invaluable... The structure and pace of the project was well planned and delivered, and feedback was regular and appropriate in its format and content – which is an investment that the organisation knows will give long-term benefits to staff, residents, commissioners and Downland."
Amy Lawson, Head of Supported Housing, Downland Housing Association

Janet Ashfield's Mpowerme Testimonials

"It was a superb course that helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and my priorities. I have realised that I am a creative, talented individual who just got distracted along the way"

JK  - London

"It was a superb course that helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and my priorities. I have realised that I am a creative, talented individual who just got distracted along the way"

JK  - London

"It's been a pleasure working with Janet on our Leadership Academy Summer Schools and, judging from the feedback we've received, it's clear that our delegates got a lot out the sessions she was involved in running too."
Pascoe Sawyers, Director, IDeA Leadership Academy


"This course covered a wide range of issues relating to personal development, and provided valuable information that attendees could readily use at home and in the workplace. The course was presented in an interesting, clear and informative manner, and received excellent feedback from all those that attended, with comments such as 'very valuable', 'best training event I have ever been to' and 'well beyond my expectations".
E Marshall, Customer Service Operations Manager, Jobcentre Plus, Southampton

"Janet has helped the University develop a challenging training programme for Jobcentre Plus, which aimed to improve the management of time and stress in the workplace. She delivered an exciting, innovative and inspiring training day, which was enjoyed and appreciated by all delegates. This event proved to be one of the most successful organised by the University and is highly recommended to other organisations".
Anne Carty, Community Projects Manager, Southampton Solent University


"Thank you for attending and talking at our development day on 12th October.  Your input was well received and I thought that you may appreciate some of the comments about your presentation and style: Inspiring, Excellent, Very thought provoking and I am now going to evaluate where I am going thank you".

Tracy Moynihan, National Co-coordinator, British Association for Women in Policing (BAWP)



"Following a shortlisting, Mpowerme was selected to provide a training package to a legal unit management team within a local authority. We were really pleased with what we received as it was completely tailored to our needs and wishes.  The programme also built in flexibility to allow us time to explore unexpected issues as they arose. We would have no hesitation in recommending Janet and mpowerme – the sessions were enjoyable and we continue to experience the benefits of them in the workplace".     

JB Senior manager Local Authority Hampshire

"The course provided some very interesting strategies for team and personal development. It was the personal development elements of the course that caught my imagination and I arranged a private consultation with Janet that proved to be truly life changing.

Thank you mpowerme. Thank you Janet".
Glen Neckles Professional Magician


"I just wanted to say a massive, massive, thank you for the support and coaching you gave to me. As I said I was not sure what to expect from the course, and to be honest with you had I thought initially it was going to be what it turned out to be I probably would not have come.  IT JUST SHOWS YOU HOW WRONG I WOULD HAVE BEEN AND HOW MUCH I WOULD HAVE MISSED OUT!

I thought you were excellent in so many ways, and whilst I did not feel I took loads away in terms of life changing actions, what you did above everything else was give me an independent affirmation that the decisions I have made, and the course of action I have taken is the correct one. I now have a better understanding of where I am, and where I am going. It has been a privilege to have met you".
Richard L Lyndhurst

 "When I first went to see Janet I was full of unknowns, what did I want from my life, how did I see myself, what did I value? I didn't really know what to expect from a coaching session, but I wanted to get some sense of direction and purpose - I just didn't know if and how it would work. What it gave me was focus and tools; focus by forcing me to think for the first time about what i really wanted from life, what it looked like, who was involved in this new life and it also made me realise that it was good to do this, not conceited or selfish, but something I owed myself.  Janet really steered me in the right direction and helped to change my mindset on how i viewed myself and what I deserved from life, as well as a clear plan to get there. I really think that anyone who doesn't know quite where they are going in life, what they want or how to get it will benefit from the skills that coaching can give you. It has certainly empowered me to take the bull by the horns and reclaim control of my life".
RH Hampshire


"Janet was a very enthusiastic trainer, who knew her subject material and was able to give life experiences as examples.  It was a positive experience for me and I gained a wealth of information. My employers will benefit as I am more motivated, I am assessing my work goals and have confidence in addressing my manager. I think this course would be very valuable to other colleagues.  The most valuable aspects of the course were being able to find the confidence to challenge my manager and being better at my work. This course had really helped me to look at my life and develop myself".
P Hankin Hampshire

"I first saw Janet speak at a Business link event. I was struck by her focus and no-nonsense approach. Half way through my first session, we talked about a topic, and I realised then Janet had the capacity to look at things from a completely different angle, pro-actively, without the fear I was associating with it. That one episode encapsulates the empowering nature of her sessions: clarity of focus, streamlining personally important values and goals, demolishing the fear factor in big changes in life".

CP Winchester, Higher Education/New Business start up


"I really found your sessions useful - especially finding out what motivates me (or not) and I've been trying harder to do the boring paperwork I need to do.  Funnily enough, there is now an opportunity for me to rethink my role in the school and if I hadn't been able to have the thinking/ideas time I had with you, I would be in a bit of a flap about it.  I've been more like me than I used to be, I certainly feel more able to take control and I'm ready to think about a new challenge to keep me motivated!

I've also been more confident about dealing with my Line Manager I certainly don't feel as threatened as I did. I have also tried harder not to sulk, strop and moan without taking a deep breath first!  I've been able to be less touchy and paranoid.

Fiona, Senior manager in Education - Hampshire


"My work/life balance was all over the show - problems with ill health added to feeling down, especially when the pressure piled on at work and I felt too shattered to cope with life at home and living with teenagers. Janet has been such a source of inspiration, her mainstay was in helping me set targets and reach personal goals. I now find the energy to get things done, which in turn gives me the energy to enjoy life, get fit and look forward to the future. Learning to say ‘no’ and prioritise some things I wanted to do has made such a difference to me".

Sue B - Southampton


"Janet's unique style and motivation techniques have helped each one of them to identify their own personalities , skills and motivations..."

"... the information gathered was extremely valuable."

"... the best training event I have ever been to... and well beyond my expectations".

"Very thought provoking".

"She delivered an exciting, innovative and inspiring training day, which was enjoyed and appreciated by all delegates."


"Janet gave me a totally new perspective on my situation".

"Janet has been such a source of inspiration her mainstay was helping me set targets and reach personal goals".

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